What Goes Into the Cost of a Defender Flare?

We've been receiving a question from our customers that we'd like to answer - what goes into the cost of a Liberty Products' Fender Flare? For a premium product, designed and manufactured in the USA, a considerable amount of effort is built into each flare we sell beyond just the part you receive in a box shipped from our warehouse facility in Portland, Oregon. 

  • Research & Development - A long process to ensure success of product, reviewing market conditions and vehicle data
  • CAD Design - Hundreds of hours in time and development
  • Tooling - Tens of thousands of dollars to create custom manufacturing molds
  • Materials - Custom design material, tested for UV and sea salt
  • Final Installation / Assembly Review - Product installation testing before manufacturing
  • Manufacturing - At local facilities, at fair wages
  • Quality Control - Not all parts are made to our standard, some are rejected
  • Shipping - Free shipping - Up to a $150 hit per sale! 
  • Customer Service - Staff available for installation and sales support
  • Marketing Cost - Photography, branding, and awareness

This effort is what is required for original design and the highest quality product available. Compared to other brands available, you are likely looking a product that could be a direct copy of another part - and manufactured in a region of the world where the quality of living is extremely low. Liberty Products stands for high quality - at a reasonable price for a completely unique design not available from anyone else.