What are Fender Flares?

Liberty Products Fender Flares

Fender flares are an exterior vehicle accessory that provides extended wheel well coverage, typically over an oversized wheel and tire that extends beyond the original sheet metal. This extension of the wheel well is an important safely feature when oversized tires are used, protecting from thrown debris while driving. 

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Fender FlaresThere are many kinds of fender flares available, depending on the kind of vehicle you have. Everything from fender flares for your lambo to fender flares for your 17-19 Ford F-250 Super Duty - but just because they are all in the same category doesn't mean they are all the same. Design, material, installation, and hardware are all important elements to understand what makes a fender flare different from another fender flare.

Regarding material, fender flares are made from a range of materials that affect their ability to resist common and everyday use, on the road or on the trail. There are important distinctions in materials beyond what they look like - but will absolutely affect cost. Inexpensive materials tend to have less ability to withstand the effect of sunlight and heat, meaning that they can deform over time, turn brittle and turn grey. More expensive materials tend to be heavier, but can also take more abuse without breaking.